Radio biography

My name is Nelu, born in 1947 and I am radioamateur since SWL with the call YO2-1084/TM on 1970, with YO2BEH on 1973 and from April 2003 my call is YO2RR. YO2R is my contest call in period  2007-2009. Until 1990 i worked as a instructor and trainer dealt with radiocommunications. After many years of activity, I obtained the Class 1 license .
I started private business since 1990 on civil and industrial buildings with S.C. CLUB S.R.L. Since 2008 are retired.

I am a member of : YODX CLUB # 139, DIG # 3377, CHC # 1689, NCDXF # 5328, PRO-CW # 5, EACW CLUB # 138, SKCC # 5848, PODXS 070 CLUB # 141, CTC # 285, FH # 120, DMC # 856, EPC # 7088,BCS # 594, OBC # 268, TRC ..the YR0HQ team for IARU HF World Championship (from 2000 to 2017 every year),  and in 1986 i was awarded the title international master of radiosport.
From 1981 I became  referee. I established with my call over 265.000 QSO's in CW, SSB, RTTY, SSTV, PSK31, PSK63, PSK125, MFSK16, HELL, OLIVIA ...( My favorite operating mode is CW on HF) and I have confirmed 348 DXCC(every 339 current entities + 9 deleted and #1 on YO DX CLUB) till now and over  1250 awards (most in contests) including 10BDXCC. In 2016 I obtained HONOR ROLL #1 and
Challenge 2500 from ARRL.
I am single activ operator of club station YO2KHK. With my club of S.C.CLUB S.R.L. I estabilished over 20.300 qso's in all modes and I have confirmed 344 DXCC (336 current entities +8 deleted). YO2KHK is radioclub #1 on YO DX CLUB. In 2016 I obtained HONOR ROLL and Challenge 1000 from ARRL.
I frequently participate in international contests in all working modes.(Usually during daytime in 15m CW or Digital modes) I achieved 20 first places worldwide, over 53 second and third places, over 390  first places / YO , in 2006 I was awarded the first place , thus becoming champion at YODXHF. In 2008 I  obtained the third place, on 2009 second place and in 2010, 2011, 2014 and 2015,  first place in SO15m at same contest.
After 2006 I am contest manager, referee and sponsor of TAC (TOP OF OPERATORS ACTIVITY CONTEST) whice takes place the first weekend of  December. I invite you to participate in this great CW contest organized by PRO-CW-CLUB.
My second hobby are pigeons, since 1953, now the raise of tippler high flying pigeons .
I use the following equipment: Transceiver Icom-7600  for contests , and IC-706MK2G, Switch ELAD-AMS-33, Linear amplifier  ACOM 1000, ACOM 2000A, OM2500HF,  HM Antenna selector, ACOM 2000SW remote antenna switch, Alpha Spid Big AZ rotator, Palstar AT2KD Antenna Tuner and MFJ-989C Tuner,  USB Radio Interface , LP-100A (Digital SWR & Wattmeter), MFJ-434 (Voice Keyer), MFJ-490x (Memory Keyer ) with BY-2 Bencher paddle , MFJ-1040C Preselector and 11 Bands HM Preselector,  antenna  8 bands a QUAD  (1EL 30m - 40m) + (2EL 20-17-15-12-10) + (4EL 6 m) , and Delta Loop for 80m (160m) , PC DELL 2.9GHz/8 GRam, Win 7 Prof .
PC Programs: Logger32, JVComm32 , MMVARI, FLDIGI, MMSSTV and I use N1MMfor contests.

                                                  Now 73 and gl from Nelu  / YO2RR.                                                                  Last updated on 24.11.2017